The main idea of is to make useful and fun service for riders (as we call people who do action or alternative sports). Made by riders. Hence the name, "you ride", or "you ride it".

This service is made to add something new to the experience of skating, riding a bike, climbing a rock or whatever you are doing.

We want you to have more free time and enjoy yourselves outside doing your thing. We don't want you to sit and waste time reading status updates. That is why we focus on delivering the most relevant and quality information and inspiration at

We believe we know (or can quickly learn) what each alternative sport subculture needs. We have many ideas of how to benefit all riders with our service.


We are a small team so far consisting of 2 members. We do everything by ourselves with passion. We've been working on this project for 2 years and enjoy doing it. We always discuss new ideas and communicate as much as we can to produce the highest quality features.

  • Dmitriy Golubtsov

    Dima is a talented designer and UI developer. He has a fresh and minimalistic approach to things.
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  • Anton Vinokurov

    Anton is responsible for the core and database. He likes to tailor the code accurately so that it comes out clean and efficient.
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Our mission

Inspire people to ride new: try new action sports, discover new spots, find better gear, do new tricks.

Help riders discover new angles of action sports they like, get more creative and have more fun.

Push people to ride more, help them travel more and meet new buddies.

Our community

The community we're creating is our main source of inspiration. People who enjoy our product mean a lot to us and we will keep doing our best to make our beloved community happy.

21 January 2020 01:37:18 GMT+1

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